Monday, September 28, 2009

So Loong.

It's deffinitly been awhile since I las posted something! I guess that really tells you something!
School is hecktic and stressing but I am accomplishing it! Junior year! One more! I can get to the end of my goal!! I wonder sometimes how far I would have gotten if I didn't have the faithful loving parents that I have that encourage me constantly to study hard and not give up. My goal by the end of this is to be able to get to nursing!
My Classes:
1. spanish 2
2. Bible 11
3. Geometry - I have to say I was actually going to sign up to do this and Algebra2! but no I am not!
4. Computer 1
5. English 11
6. U.S. history
7. Study hall
8. Intro to Nursing- which is only on mondays and fridays and the rest are study halls.
Quite a Schedule right?! deffinitly keeps me up on my feet in homework!! And let me tell you I am not disappointed just a little overwhelmed!

Coming up next...School Retreat!!!!

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