Sunday, November 23, 2008

Not much!

I was able to go out for and take some pictures. It was sooo gloomy let me tell you! I don't ussually take pictures of my dogs but she was looking right at the camera and I just happen to snap it! I was sooo excited!! She is sooo beautiful!
This was interesting because brielle actually took this picture of herself and all I wanted to do was findle with it and see what i could do with it. It was fun!
I really don't know how i did this because my dog as some of u may know does not like to stand still. Its amazing he did. I did timer shot but it was deffinitly not easy!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Family Time!

My family went to Harpors Ferry for the day and let me tell you it was the most beautiful sight that I have ever seen with all the trees colorful! And let me tell you how many photographers were there! Soo many!
Sister bonding!!
Austin was the only one that wanted to join mom and dad in the beautiful picture! lol. He even slightly smiled!

The best parents in the whole world!

Harvest Party for school!

Love Birds!

my adopted sis in school! She is just too much fun!!

Wow. So much has happened and yet sooo many pictures! I haven't really had time to take pictures but I was able to at some occassions! This was an occassion in school for halloween. It was a harvest party! It was a blast!