Saturday, August 2, 2008

Point Pleasant Beach 08

I really injoyed my vacation and couldn't wait to get home!

This is another tradition we do and that is Jersey Subs. We go there every year and it is so GOOD!!
ended up laughing through most of the pictures but I liked this on the best!

Logan was carring a cup of french fries with tomato sauce on it when a bird flew down and went straight into is cup and made logan jump. The bird spilled the some of the french fries on the ground a a whole mob of gulls came flying in. And some of the sauce got on the birds and on Me!

We went to the theatre and watched The Dark Night at 9:30pm. We didn't end up coming home till like 1:00 am but it was deffinitly fun!
Walking to Dunkin Donuts is a tradition we do every year. We get up early and get donuts. It's very fun!

As some of you know my family went on vacation this past week to Point Pleasant Beach New Jersey. We had a blast doing different things on each day. More pictures are on there way!