Monday, March 5, 2012

Getting Back in the Roll of things

So I know its been awhile, and I haven't posted on here but I decided to start a new blog! I know that its been over a year or two but I hope i can get back in the routine of blogging! My life, I think will change in the next couple of months! I only say this because i actually mean it! I want to enroll in the Army! I hope I can get into it or either the Marines! As some of you have known, i moved to PA with my best friends! But since than so much has happened! I decided to move back to my parents house and then from there i started going to MC, Germantown! I did my one semester! I then moved in with some other friends! I have found the joy of being able to sew! I love making clothing! I love making anything i can! Maybe I will start up a sewing blog too one day! I had the opportunity to make a sweater vest that perfectly fitted my mom and she loves it to this day! So I guess my adventure of being able to experience and do different things have increased! So I also have had the opportunity of getting a new camera! I have been on top of being able to take pictures also! So will all thats said, I will go back and start updating my photos! To this day, I have gone to New York City twice, went to Orlando, Florida! And i hope to move to Florida hopefully in the next couple of months and hope to get my GED and get registered for the Army! Happy Wishes to Everyone!