Monday, September 28, 2009

Retreat 09!!

Our School went on our 2nd year to a retreat. It was beautiful where we were in Virgina! Mountains and more mountains!
From the early morning of Wednesday to getting there and spending an awesome time getting to know each other and being able to hear the bible talked about at least 3 times a day was so monumental! It was amazing experience to be there!

So Loong.

It's deffinitly been awhile since I las posted something! I guess that really tells you something!
School is hecktic and stressing but I am accomplishing it! Junior year! One more! I can get to the end of my goal!! I wonder sometimes how far I would have gotten if I didn't have the faithful loving parents that I have that encourage me constantly to study hard and not give up. My goal by the end of this is to be able to get to nursing!
My Classes:
1. spanish 2
2. Bible 11
3. Geometry - I have to say I was actually going to sign up to do this and Algebra2! but no I am not!
4. Computer 1
5. English 11
6. U.S. history
7. Study hall
8. Intro to Nursing- which is only on mondays and fridays and the rest are study halls.
Quite a Schedule right?! deffinitly keeps me up on my feet in homework!! And let me tell you I am not disappointed just a little overwhelmed!

Coming up next...School Retreat!!!!