Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Emily & Dan

My Cousin got married and i got the honor of taking her wedding shoot. I was so excited to do something i never had done before but was amazed my own cousin would ask me to and had such faith that i could do such a good job at it. But after this experience I really would love to do it again!

Congrats Emily and Dan!!! I am so blessed to been able to shoot your wedding!!!!

The Days of Summer.

My Parents were gracious to ask me to come along with them to NJ on our annual vacation. I very excited ( Who LOVES the beach) accepted and packed my camera! Knowing i always take my camera to NJ cause of SUCH beautiful scenery and taking it on the beach with me which honestly I get very scared about because i could damage it, take pictures of the water or the sand...or the little things people don't normally take pictures of. I guess that's why people could say i have a different way of photography than normal people. Here are just some things...My family members don't really appreciate me bringing my camera and always wanting to take pictures of them...or always saying "lets take a picture!" or "Stand there!" I can't help but use my imagination when i have my camera in my hands. It was a great time again this year!

These long, hot, sticky days of summer have been all but calm. Quieting a job is easy finding another hard. My best friend and I have now officially gotten our room like a regular room with dresser and shelves and a bed on a base. I guess moving from a state to another one is a little bit stressful when you start off sleeping on the mattress with no base or having your clothes on the floor. Days of enduring heat and being lazy are common here. Having a pool that constantly is green wit algae and hardly gets cleaned thoroughly is hard since we want to swim on the most hottest days. But that hasn't kept the 4 brothers from enjoying a dunk in it when there is nothing else to do. Whats Summer supposed to be like if its not like that?

Saturday, June 5, 2010

My Current Life! =)

All right where do I even start!? Well I moved to P.A. with my BEST FRIEND. I am going to finish my SENIOR year up here and see where to go from here. The Scenery is absolutely beautiful and I love it! I have gotten a job here at Outback...its very interesting...very different from the Outback in Germantown. But I will get used to it. Well that's it for now but I will update later!!!