Friday, September 26, 2008

Mushy Mushrooms!!!!

I decided to go out for a couple of minuets to take some pictures and ended up staying out for like an hour trying to get the best of these freakin mushrooms!!!!! LOL but I did have fun!!
I am not sure if these are the best of mushrooms but I did very much injoy my mothers advice of how they really look!
My mom said that this one ^ looked like something underwater!!! Hehe
I ended up trying to bubble this one out and it looks weird i think!
This was my favorite!!! ^

Saturday, September 13, 2008

MACA Retreat!!!

Nathan really wanted his picture taken but it was not me that took the picture it was Zac (someone from the 10th grade boys group that had my camera at the end.)
She was my bible teachers wife. She was really pretty during the whole retreat and willing to play games. It was fun seeing her get into the picture!
The attemted pyramid.. it failed sort of just after I snapped this one.
We also had a game where we had to fling the water balloon at a target all over a field. That was fun!

One of the games also included eating some of what is on her face and that was applesauce and vanilla pudding and green food color dye as a team. It was so gross some of the teams members were throwing up. It smelled bad too!
These two guys were the represented 10th graders that really got into that game with the green gunk. They seemed to injoy it alot!

The weather for the 2 days really was discusting and wet! It rained and was cloudy and yuky and muky!

We were able to make our own "teams" shirts and that was fun!!

We played alot of games let me tell you!! It was a blast but left you sore after the last day... we did things like the army crawl and eating a half a lemon with out spitting it out, eating a wipped cream pie, and the wheel barrel race and lots more...we were deffinitly tired!

We rented a bus because we had soo many teens and some of the adults and teachers took cars too. This was the rented bus.. I didn't take a picture of the schools bus cause its not worth looking at.

This was the 10th grade girls group! I was a part of this team but I was taking pictures most of the time!! These are the sweetest girls that I have ever met!!

We had chapel 4 times the first day and 2 the last day!! It was really good to be able to meet up with all the teens and adults and be able to worship together!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

MACA Youth Event

Julia was dared to drink one of those garlic salt/butter things that you put over you pizza for $2. She did it but after she attemted to drink it she ended up throwing it all up!! It was soo gross!!!

My schools church had a youth event for the 10th through gradauting teens event. It was really fun!!
It was deffinitly crowded!!! But fun!!