Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I really like butterflies and I actually took a picture of this one without it flying away on me! I think they are just the loveliest things that flew around that are just spectacular! They make me so happy inside!

Day with Irina!

Irina also injoyed jumping though she got tired fast she laughed the whole time I asked her to do this! It was a joy to watch her smile so much!

This was my favorite picture cause it was black and white and it just looked perfect!
GOOFY pictures that she couldn't resist doing was making faces as i snap one after another..guess that she probably was getting quite bored...lol man what good times!

Ussually I don't go for the feet but hers were really cute! I mean the way she stood and put her feet were cute!

I was able to hang out with Irina today for a couple of hours and we just had a blast! We mostly took pictures but just spending time with her was good for me!

I just loved how her GREEN nails really stood out in some of the pictures I took of her! It was cute!
She was the sweetest thing today cause she didn't really kno what to do but she got the hang of it!
Irina, you are truly the sweetest thing that ever was part of my life! I really injoyed today with you though it seemed a bit short for me! It was fun laughing and talking and spending so much time with you taking your photo shoot! I hope we can do it again when the lil one comes! I LOVE YOU!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

More of the Merrymen Kids!

These are the BEST kids that i have been with for however many times I have babysat them. I was able to go and hang out with them for a couple of hours and they are just the sweetest things that ever lived! They love each other and are soo compassionate towards each other and how willing they are to how ever many times I ask them to come outside and let me take BILLIONS of pictures of them they will do it so cheerfully...I love you guys thanks for putting up with me and my camera!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


He just couldn't keep his tongue in his mouth part of the time! He was just plain cute and ugly!

One Day

Rock was being so good as i was snapping pictures of him, and sometimes he knew that I was and would try and lick his mouth as I would snap the picture! He is soo cute!
A little random in the midst of these pictures but I couldn't resist the flower! It was beautiful!

And MY FAVORITE boy! Bobby! He was also just the cuttest thing outside when I was doing this cause normally he would never let me take a picture of him that would turn to be so good!