Monday, May 19, 2008

My birthday Outing!

OK so Irina took me to go see Prince Caspian at Kentlands for my birthday and I won't lie I did sort of enjoy that film! It was cute...sort of.
But I do have to say getting a viente Carmel Frappacino was 100% my favorite part...even though i did get a brain freeze..that hurt!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Day in the Sun and sunset!

It was a beautiful sunset where I live! Just Beautiful!
Me! I couldn't resist!

And my baby Bobby! He was just the cutest!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Lil Elias

I know these are just a bit late from Easter but I have to put them on here. This is my cousin Elias! The Sweetest Lil kid in the planet! He had his first Easter and I was able to capture his reactions to finding eggs!

This little kid still had the guts and the cutest smile when he fell over! He just laughed and smiled and said "Eggy!" It was quite entertaining!
I just adored the shades on him cause he would act older and slide them up his nose whenever they started to fall off. I Love You Elias!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

My mom

I wanted to honor my mom today and tell everybody what a FANTASTIC mom she is and has been! She is an example to me and to other people around her. She has served us when she is sick and has not given up on her teenagers! I am so very grateful for my mom for adopting me and taking the time to teach me what she has and more everyday. She loves God and encourages us towards him! Thanks mom for the example you have laid before me! I am encouraged everyday to do the same and even though sometimes I don't show it I want to tell you that you have really showed me and taught me well about God and his love and kindness towards me! I love you and Happy Mothers Day!!


Hey guys! You are probably wondering a little bit about me! Well I was adopted for Russia! Yeah I don't look like it but here are some pictures that are from Russian and pictures of me today!!
This is me and a friend I made while in a foster home family!

OK so some people think that I am a bit crazy! Well I don't like to be serious all the time!! LOL..

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Bobby McGee

My baby! The next cutest thing in the world! He makes me laugb by the way he spins around and around before breakfast! the way he growls when he wants to play and wags his tail. The way he lays in my lap and cuddles to barking and being annoying!! I love my dog!!

Merrymen Family/kids

Are the kids self controlled? Well they do love to have FUN! They love to be silly and goof around when the camera is around! They love to act and be actors!

OK, so they REALLY love to have fun!
They also love to be compassionate towards each other while still having fun! They love to hug and kiss and cuddle!
The Merrymen family is the sweetest family I have ever known! They have the sweetest kids that I have ever babysat and they are very Cute!
Josh the oldest is very Sweet and loves to wrestle!
Kayla the second oldest is very sweet also and is very quite but loves to run around and learn new things!
Kristen in the other hand cracks me up! She loves to talk and talk and talk! She also loves to smile and cheer people up when they are down! She always is in a happy mood when I babysit her!
Carson! The cutest and most adorable boy in the planet! He loves to yell and run and hide and say "SHhhh!" and giggle... Carson is growing bigger and bigger as he walks and talks!
The Merrymens are quite a family! They have a bonding family that love each other and hardly seem to get into fights! The parents have really taught their children to obey and love the Lord!
Thank you Merrymens for being such an example and letting me babysit you guys! Love you! You guys are the best!


Janelle, Riana and I all got to know each other really well over weeks of Joseph and we just love to hang out and have fun!! We were able to get together and be WILD!

Covanant Life Boys Baseball Game!

Stephan Clark had a beautiful homerun! It was very exciting!

I was at one of the Covenant Life Boys baseball games and this really cute boy was crawling around and happen to get a hold of Catherine Hoovers water bottle and started to suck on it! And he didn't let her have it back!

I happen to take a picture of A.C. moving right in time on a strike 1 ball! And the boys on the bench were as bord as anything!

More flowers!

Here are some more pictures that I took yesterday of some of the flowers!

The Outdoor Beauty

I was able to go outside right before it started raining and snap some shots of flowers and a ladybug which I haven't seen in forever! I have some more and will add more later!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Marieka, Thank you

Marieka, Thank you so much for helping me put this blog together with me! I don't think I could have done it my myself! Your simply the best and I couldn't of asked for a better friend to help me with it! Thank you Thank you!


I put peanut butter on his face and he happen to figure out that I was taking pictures of him while he licked it off and wanted to make sure he was looking!!
My brothers dog Roc! The cutest dog in the world!

My first Blog

My First blog!